Saturday, July 31, 2010

Menu from Camping the last two weeks, every breakfast was either bulgar with honey and Cinnamon, or else the lean crunch cereal by kashi, and when it was cereal I had only a splash of milk to cover half of the cereal. Snacks were always bananas, apples or peaches, and I had on average 3-4 fruits a day! Go me! Lunches were either left overs from the night before or some mix of all natural blue corn chips and chicken. I also bought this yogi granola, and I love it! Its all natural and has a sweet taste so I could eat it for dessert! Dinners were either chicken with rice, chicken burritos, chicken and pesto pasta (it was whole wheat pasta) but everything has been cooked in Olive oil instead of using butter. I feel like I am doing good, and enjoy the fruits, but I might need to change them up so I don't get bored of them. I am lacking on my veggies though, I like to take carrots to snack on and green beans, otherwise not a lot of other things. It's hard to camp and take a cooler when you don't expect to visit a town by the time the ice melts.. Oh well I am doing what I can.
I also want to mention that my weight went from 174 to 178 and now I am down to 173 or below. :) So now that I am starting to get things figured out I am feeling better about it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

So now I am really frustrated. All this week that I have been gone doing FS work I have only eaten great and yes Kari, I left out all the dairy and milk, like less then 1/4 cup of milk a day! And I have yet to loose weight! All I ate this week was my lean crunch, bananas, peaches, carrots, apples, chicken, brown rice, green beans with the juices dumped out and cooked in water.. ALL HEALTHY stuff! And I just cant seem to loose! :(

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Food Ideas for camping!

Does anyone have any healthy Ideas for being out camping for 4 nights a week without a fridge... I need lots of ideas because I will be doing this job for a month and cannot think of a lot of things that do not need to be cooled!

Also, are there other ladies out there who have noticed they gain weight in muscle before they loose it? take about frustration! I went up in weight but Kari let me take the BMI and I went down at least 2% In body fat, so it proves that it is gaining muscle, but I dont like the numbers! They are supposed to go down!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

and kick my butt she did.. Sheez.. I did Kari's class again and I feel like jello. I hate squats but I get through them. Nice Job on making me sweat too. I feel good now that I did it again. I will for sure go next week again! *yay* and we had another person so it wasnt just me! *yay*
Off to weight loss training with Kari. Im excited. Tuesday it was pretty fun and I enjoyed all the different exercises. If you live in Fort you should definately join! :) Lets see, I have been eating well, or better then I used too, and I freaked out a little bit this morning when I found that my boyfriend had finished the milk! I seem to need milk for everything that I eat for breakfast, lean crunch, protein shake, smoothies... UGH! If anyone has any suggestions other then eggs that would be awesome!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Lets Go!

Im doing it. Im going to be a healthy College Student. I have taken Kari's advice and read the Clean-eat diet book. I have been starting to eat better. I am eating more often to not starve myself and have been trying to get in carbs with protein. Never thought it would be this hard and I can only hope grabbing fruits and veggies comes easier! Good luck everyone!