Wednesday, December 29, 2010

im doing it. the nutritionist has been helping keep me in check, and the working out has been awesome, and all the training and intervals has led to this. My first 5k! :) Now I am not a runner, never have been, BUT I have been working on getting my mile time lower and lower. I am at 14 min miles. Not great, but being as I hadnt run since middle school, you have to start someplace. So this 5k is called a resolution run. And It's my first, and will kick off this new year great because I am doing a triathalon in june. I have swimming down pat, just have to get running better, and start working on biking. I am exciting. And I feel like there will be many more 5k's and it would be awesome to actually place in one of them this year. All my thanks goes to Kari for helping me out! And being an inspiration to me!!