Monday, February 28, 2011

and.... I am down a total of........... 10 lbs!!!! :) I am now using the school scale because the one at home gives different weights every time you step on it, even if it is minutes apart! 168baby! :) I am almost down to my pre-surgery weight. Man I really wish I was in the competition now! Oh well. My size 13 jeans are so loose, which is the best feeling! I worked out 16/28 days this last month, so my exercise is increasing. I swam 3hrs 20min didnt write down yardage.. close to 4000 though. Ran 10 miles total (by the way, I can run for a lot longer now! Over a mile without stopping.) And Biked for 73.7 miles! That is like Driving 1.5 hours to my parents house that is a 45 min drive and 40 something miles away. HOLY COW!!! :) And did ellipital for an hour instead of running. :)
My only thing is that I have a very hard time getting in work outs that last an hour. Because I do most of this stuff between classes, I can only go for 35 min.. :( But it's showing anything is better then nothing. This next month I would like to run more because last month I think I hit 16 miles or something, but didnt exercise nearly as much.
My goals are to exercise at least 20 of the days in March.
Try to expand workout times that I do in the morning, yes this means waking up earlier.
To WORK ON PORTION SIZES! This is hard for me.. I have yet to succeed. I thought I was eating the good amount. Nope, too much. Boo..
March here I come. I would like to be down to 165 for my birthday on March 23!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

End of the month run totals. I ran 14.5 miles this month. And picked up biking the last two weeks and totaled, 21 miles in three rides. What do I have to show for it? Well I lost two inches in my tummy, and lost 3 lbs. I feel like I did so much and only have so little to show for it.