Friday, July 29, 2011

elliptical... I hope it helps me get better at running since I do all the hard resistances. Biking, I need to work on doing the hills for my next triathlon next year. Running, oh running, we need to meet again before my next 5k which is in a week! Im not afraid of you anymore 5k! And if I could lower my time even more that would be fantastic! Swimming, I will start working with you again very soon. Oh and weights are taken care of everyday with my workout program. My thighs are strong and need to work on getting toned, my arms are getting closer and closer to what I would love for them to look like. Heading back to the gym to get on a bike and ride for an hour this weekend.

Monday, July 25, 2011

I get back from alaska and sat all I did was sleep due to the red eye flight kicking my butt. But sunday all I wanted to do waas exercise! And run and play! Needless to say I sure got a good workout yesterday and will get another good one today! Yay to wanting to work out! :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In alaska, and this whole weight loss is a challege. I am here for work, but after work is playtime to get to see Alaska. My job doesnot mean we get to walk around AT ALL. The first week I was running a lot and doing my workout, since this weekend I have not sat down until 9pm and have not been sleeping so I cant find it in myself to wake up earlier to do the workouts. Today starts a new. Last night I hiked a difficult, yes it was difficult and so steep it needed stairs 2 miles one way. It was awesome and fun! So after I post this it is back to the workouts. Because hey I have another 5k the first weekend in August! And I want my time to get better! Not worse!!! P.S. the water challenge sucks out here, for some reason I cant drink the water I usually do at home. I dont know if it is because I am on a military base and I dont want to be running out of the room we are in every two hours, and we are technically not allowed water in the room we are in, or what could be the deal. But I have been freaking out about it because I usually drink TONS of water. Like enough that this challenge wouldnt be anything new to me. UGH!

Monday, July 11, 2011

I survived my cousins wedding weekend without gaining a pound! Woohoo! Now i just have to make it two weeks on the road without gaining, which should be fine. I slacked on the water challenge this last weekend because of the 7 hour drive to the wedding and back, and not wanting to stop every rest area. So now I am back to the challenge of drinking all the water!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Just got done with the firekracker 5k! I improved my time by over 2 mins!!! I am now down to 38:18. HORRAY! I accomplished my goal of getting it under 40 min too!! Im so happy and proud. Oh and I am already down for this month. I am officially at my 20lbs TOTAL weight loss since jan! :) I am finally back to the 150's!!! OMG! I cant believe it and it feels so good! I dont know where those 20lbs were hiding, and I dont know how much more I should loose. I know I need to get around or below 145 for a "healthy" BMI.. So we will aim for that. Here's to a great 4th of july! Esp since I just did a 5k!