Thursday, January 6, 2011

So, I figure I will post two goals, Since I didnt get to run my 5k because of the snow, I want to do that before my birthday. I have picked out one on Feb 20th. :) Also I would love to be down to 140 at the end of the year. Right now I am at 178. I will weigh in every month at the begining of the month and post it here as well as how many miles I ran for the month. I think it will be neat to see how many I run each month and see how many I run in a year. I am for sure not doing 1000 like Kari! She is crazy and sooo much more fit then I am. So I will just see what I do. :)
So I ran 3/4 of mile in the morning, like didnt walk any, and then yesterday afternoon I ran almost a full mile! I only walked 1.5 laps on a 16 lap course!!! I am almost there. I cannot believe it. I am so proud of my self!!! :) OH and my time is down to 11 min. FASTEST EVER!!!! *yay*